If I hadn't become a photographer my third daughter, Alice, commented that we wouldn't have had any food. She's probably right, but not what I was going to say. I would have become an architect. I'm still interested in the work of many talented architects and I love exploring it showcasing their finished buildings. I understand the attention to detail and the exacting standards you rightly demand when it comes to presenting your realised projects. I have experience working to very particular briefs from clients such as G.J. Gardner Homes and Cameron Grindlay of Dwelling Architectural Design.

Just reach out if you need to showcase your completed projects or enter them into the next design awards. I'm able to shoot any building efficiently and will showcase it in the best light. I'll meet your deadline too.

"Sean has undertaken work on several completed build projects that we have designed and overseen. Sean was obliging, attentive, helpful and accommodating - bringing his professionalism & skills to bear and producing an excellent outcome. Sean completed all work by the agreed deadlines, which was much appreciated. Highly recommended."

- Cameron Grindlay, Dwelling Architectural Design


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I really appreciate good achitecture and respect the huge amount of time and effort you've put into your design. The quality of the materials. The textures of the surfaces. How people use the spaces. How this all interacts with the environment and the light. Let me capture your vision so that you can proudly share it with the world.