If you're looking at this page then you probably like cars just about as much as I do. A perk of my job is that I've had the pleasure of driving every single car in this portfolio to the location you see them in. Most of them are new, straight off the showroom floor. The values ranging from around $90,000 for the Wrangler to $300,000 for the Phantom. Car dealers such as Armstong's and Southern Motor Group have put their trust in me, handing me the keys saying, Sean, go shoot this somewhere nice. I come up with suitable locations close to the dealerships and arrange any permissions if required.

They've used my photography to help their cars stand out from all the others in marketing campaigns on social media, company websites and Tademe listings. My photos grab the attention of the target audience and get cars sold quickly. I understand the need for a fast turnaround too and the photos are delivered usually by the following day.

I also shoot classic cars for private owners and in all cases treat the cars with the care and respect they deserve. As you can see, I have experience handling a vast range of cars and have gotten to know all their quirks and features. Gosh, I sound a bit like Doug DeMuro! Perhaps I should start a car review channel on Youtube.

The photos in this portfolio are "highlight, hero & atmospheric shots". I also shoot regular style sales photos if required. Such as all the interior shots showing full dashboard, seating areas and boot.

"We have contracted our vehicle photography, functions, events, appreciation evenings and staff photography requirements to Sean since 2015. He does an excellent job, expels a high standard and his passion for photography is first class. If you are looking for a Photographer who is responsive, engaged, and professional, we could not recommend anyone further."

- Ben Reed, General Sales Manager Armstrong's Dunedin


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Your sales team should be selling cars, not shooting them

Ask Sean to handle your car photography. He'll free up your team so that they can focus on what they do best. Selling cars just becomes a whole lot easier.