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The best real estate agents always use a good professional photographer to shoot their listings. It's easy to spot photography that's been rushed with no thought given to the lighting and presentation. This reflects poorly on the agent and does a disservice to their vendors and the property.

My job is to entice buyers to your open homes through my expert photographic skills. I give thought to the best time of day for the shoot and what the hero shot should be. It's important that the positive attributes of a home are emphasised and having shot hundreds of homes over the years I know what to look for. You only get one chance to get the buyers through the door so the photos had better be good. When the weather doesn't play along I fire up photoshop and give you blue skies. It does make a difference and I know that you need the photos yesterday so I'll have them ready for you very quickly.

"As a residential real estate salesperson I relied on photographer Sean Waller for many years from 2007, mostly exclusively as my only photographer at Nidd Realty in Dunedin. Through that time I became the company’s top salesperson for more than a decade, due in no small part to Sean’s great attention to detail and brilliant results. My business grew into a team and we all came to rely on Sean’s work. He was always accommodating and innovative and ready to go the extra mile. My background as a photo-journalist helped me appreciate Sean’s professionalism and high standards even more and his reputation grew for real estate photography and in other fields. We were very sorry to lose him at the end of 2021 when he decided to relocate to the North Island.

I recommend him to anyone wanting a top class photographer."

- Graeme Pennell, Nidd Realty Dunedin


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Get Sean in on your next listing and you won't have to worry about photography again. Your vendors will love the results. Both yours and his.