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Sean's favouite personal works have been carefully selected to represent the atmosphere of New Zealand that will enhance the mood of any workplace, hotel or home. Artworks by Sean are the perfect gifts for those who can be tricky to buy for and delivery to any destination in the world is possible. Various sized prints, framed or unframed are available and are expertly produced by Queensberry in Auckland. His images are printed on 310 gsm mould made 100% cotton rag paper with a smooth finish. The resulting conservation quality Giclée (inkjet) prints exibit beautiful tonal range and crisp detail. UV70 glass is used for framed works delivered in New Zealand. This ultra clear glass has an anti-reflective coating on the surface that eliminates virtually all reflections so that the artwork can be viewed without distractions. For safety reasons acrylic covering instead of glass is used in the frames for international shipments. Further details are available under the info tab of each artwork.

Sean's images are created using digital cameras for convenience. Mostly Fujifilm X Series, bar a few shot on Canon and iPhone. He has applied settings in camera and sometimes during post production to emulate various analog film stocks available in the past. This creates an analog film aesthetic, usually Kodachrome 64 popular in the 70's for his colour work and Kodak Tri-X 400 for the monochrome images. The resulting photographs will have a natural looking filmic character exibiting some visible grain structure and unique tonal ranges and colours depending on the type of film stock he's emulating. The intended aesthetic is integral to Sean's art photography and avoids the often clinical, characterless appearance that standard digital capture produces.

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